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WarehouseExpert - Warehouse Management System

Made4net’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes inventory, as well as the resources and the required material handling equipment. WarehouseExpert™ is a robust real-time WMS that enables you to improve productivity, increase level of service, improve order fulfillment times and reduce overall operation costs.

WarehouseExpert™ WMS collects data on every single transaction and movement in the warehouse, and uses this information to provide real time visibility of your resources and equipment on a warehouse map, location of pallets and performance and utilization metrics.

The WMS module provides better control of warehouse resources. By utilizing equipment, storage space and warehouse associates who are driven by a robust task management engine, your organization will gain increased visibility, inventory accuracy and agility.


Inbound activities - Receiving (ASN, Blind, Batch).

Inbound activities - Quality Control Tracking

Inbound activities -Putaway / Slotting / Storage

Inbound activities - Cross Dock – Flow Through and Trans Shipments

Inventory Control - Replenishment – batch and real time/on demand

Inventory Control - Cycle counting and Control

Inventory Control - Value Added Services and Kitting

Outbound Activities – Order Processing

Outbound Activities – Shipment and Wave processing

Outbound Activities – Cartonization, Packing, Staging

Outbound Activities – Loading and dock management

Outbound Activities – Shipping documentation

Voice Picking Activities – Direct integration with voice hardware

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