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Archive UK

Archive UK are a successful box and file archive storage company, who also offer other services such as general storage and Halon gas protection. High levels of customer service are vital to the continued success of Archive UK and their goal has always been and remains 100% customer satisfaction. The Ar-Tracker solution has been implemented by Archive UK at its state of the art London based warehouse. The reason for implementing a new wireless based solution was simple. The volume of archive boxes and files had reached a tipping point whereby a manual system could no longer cope with continued growth. The first stage of the project involved analysis of the existing locations and a plan to label and identify existing archive boxes and files. The second stage began by installation of a wireless infrastructure, setting up and labeling the existing locations and boxes.

Customers can now use the Web interface to view and make any requests based on their own search criteria. This request is then carried out by Archive UK personnel, fully tracked and controlled.

The new solution because it is easy to use, accurate and process driven means that personnel do not need to have ‘in depth’ knowledge of the warehouse and its contents. So when Archive UK take on a new contract and there is a need for more temporary resource it is straightforward, easy to cater for and above all remains accurate.

The future plans include implementing the pickup and deliveries module and linking the costing module into the existing accounts system. Plans are also in place to extend the bar coding and locations into the general storage areas to track other assets such as furniture.

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