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Shoreham Port Authority

Shoreham Port, located five miles to the West of Brighton and Hove, is a Trust Port handling some 1.75 million tonnes of cargo annually, producing a £9 million turnover. The Port's main activities are cargo handling, fishing, leisure and a thriving property portfolio. The main cargoes handled are construction materials, such as sawn timber and aggregates, and steel, used in the manufacture of vehicle parts. The principal stevedoring company for the port is Sussex Port Forwarding (SPF) who handle cargoes on behalf of many customers.

SPF’s ageing systems were clearly falling short of the needs of both the company and their customers, with continuous system failures and increased downtime to recovery. In conjunction with Shoreham Port personnel we specified and developed a solution called Track-a-Pack to control the importing, storage and delivery of cargoes. Initially the focus was on timber, while still allowing other cargoes to be handled without software rewrites. The solution was based on wireless hand held terminals to collect the data, and bar coded labels on the physical packs to identify each individual one. Packs are now fully traced and managed both individually, and by customer, also a more rapid response can now be offered as well.

Track-a-Pack also takes account of the different grades, sizes and specifications of timber ensuring all stock is correctly stored, managed and delivered to the customer. Shoreham Port’s customers can now use the Web interface to view and make any shipping requests based on their own specific criteria, and because the stock figures are up to date it allows them to accurately plan stock levels to their customers as well.

Track-a-Pack continues to be developed adding more value and even greater benefits as time passes, allowing Shoreham Port to offer even more facilities and benefits to both existing and potential customers. The Track-a-Pack solution has helped Shoreham Port position them selves as a premier port offering a first class service.

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