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"Fit to Fly - Provide FOD (foreign object damage) Prevention and Tool Tracking Systems."

The Fit to Fly tool control system has been designed and developed over several years with essential feedback being given from leading edge companies in the aerospace and military aviation fields. The Fit to Fly tool control system can however offer significant benefits to all manufacturing and maintenance industries, with a system recently being installed on a production line of a major food manufacturer. The vital feedback being given from this installation is that the system is extremely useful in minimising the risk of product contamination; tool theft and misplacement are also minimised. Very importantly it is providing an overall improvement of general safety standards.

The Fit to Fly Concept started as a tool tracking system for use in static cabinets, sensing the open and closing of drawers and associated user actions. The aim being to reduce F.O.D (foreign object damage\debris). The concept has now been extended to include Locker and Vending Systems, and through the use of mobile devices we can now offer fully portable tool tracking systems. Of course tools are not the only thing that can be tracked by fit to fly. Any items that can be identified using a barcode or RFID tag are suitable. If you are having a problem tracking consumable items we also have a wide range of offerings to help you too.

The George James Fit to Fly tool tracking product is a complex and functional software solution that helps to minimise the damage and expense that missing tools can cause. The software is ‘hardware independent’. We will work with you and your equipment, Fit to Fly can work with a whole range of hardware including drawer bases cabinets, lockers, vending machines, mobile hand held devices. In specifying and supplying a solution for a project George James Business Systems will partner with hardware suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the most efficient and cost effective components are used.

The Fit to Fly software and database driven architecture functionality can reflect specific process requirements. An upgradeable and modular architecture ensures future requirements can be incorporated, and all elements of the solution are linked to give a fully integrated Fit to Fly solution.

We specialise in integration projects, be that existing legacy hardware or integration into back end systems such as SAP. We understand that project and requirements can be diverse and that a standard solution cannot always fit the process of every company. Where possible we will try to use your existing hardware investment to deliver a solution.

By using barcodes or RFID tags the Fit to Fly application not only controls cabinet, locker or Crib based tooling in the production area. It can also be used in conjunction with Hand Held data capture devices to track items from central stores also. This could be capital equipment requiring central management for example a Jig required for a specific process, or hand tools being issued centrally, Fit to Fly provides the solution.

Fit to Fly has been designed so that all the differing storage offerings - Cabinet, Crib and Locker based storage can work seemlessly together.

Types of Applications

Fit to Fly for FOD

  • Engineer access can be set by cabinet, or even by drawer giving controlled access.
  • Higher level access given to auditors and supervisors as required.
  • All transactions logged against person accessing.
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    A Flexible Approach

    Our Fit to fly solution can operate on many different elctronic tool cabinets, and with our in house development team we are able to quickly develope a solution to fit your needs.

    By using Lista's Electroinc Cabinet you can be in full control regarding who has accessed which drawer, and what was taken and when it was taken.

    Large items will not always fit in drawer based cabinets or Vending systems. Locker based systems have the ability to dispense larger items such as tool boxes, calibration gages and power tools.

    Fit To Fly Mobile

  • Mobile Devices can be used to track tool boxes and other items.
  • Track items regardless of location
  • Allows transfer of ownership of items in the field