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United Biscuits

United Biscuits (UB) is one of the world’s top branded snacks businesses producing some of the best known and loved sweet and savoury snacks, with products ranging from biscuits and crackers to cakes and savoury snacks. Maintaining quality and best practice is reflected in the brands and products, with Fit to Fly now becoming a key part of this.

The Fit to Fly solution has been selected and implemented by UB on its state of the art Hula Hoop production line at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. The brief being to supply a solution that would satisfy the initial requirement for audit able and traceable tool control, but be fully upgrade able in the future.

The first stage of the project involved a detail analysis of the Stahlwille tooling requirements to determine shift and machine requirements. These were then allocated to a cabinet and drawer and located in profiled bi-coloured foam manufactured by Stahlwille.

Access to the cabinets is based around the existing magnetic swipe cards used by UB personnel, with authorisation to what and where being setup by the supervisors. An audit takes place at the start and end of the shift to check for anomalies such as missing or damaged tools. These can then be tracked using Fit to Fly to resolve the issue. Traceability and a full transaction trail for tool movements within the process is secured on the Fit to Fly database. This information is then used to support the rigours of internal and external audits which was the initial day 1 aim of the project. With these foundations in place the stage is set for even more benefits and functionality. Fit to Fly will be supporting the processes now and in the future.

The brief was to introduce and implement an upgradeable and phased tool control solution. Providing more efficient internal tool accountability, control and satisfy the rigours of both internal and external audits.

Although Fit to Fly is an Enterprise wide solution the initial implementation was very much around standalone clients. In the future these will be linked possibly by wireless, and utilise tracking technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and bar coding.

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