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Ar-Asset - Asset Tracking Management

Ar-Asset, the Asset Tracking Management System is a simple to use system that records the status of assets within a company. The status information includes data such as:-

  • Who authorised the purchase of the asset
  • When was the asset installed, commissioned
  • When is the asset due for service or destruction
  • Is special training required to operate or use the asset

  • Any data required can be encoded and associated to any asset using the Ar-Asset system, this is achieved by uniquely serialising each asset with Barcodes or RFID tags which are attached to the asset, these barcodes and tags can be read with an appropriate reader when required and the associated data displayed in various formats and reports as required and specified by the user. This is where the term, ‘Who, What, Where and When’ sprang from, all data, historical, current and future events are available for a user ‘at the touch of a button’. The system is ‘real time’ and information is uploaded to the system as soon as it is entered. Fully configurable audit reports are available that can show all of the history of an asset and help ensure compliance with any regulations that may be applicable to it, for example- is the asset in need of service, is training required to use it, is periodic calibration required? All criteria can be specified and detailed by the user or administrator of the Ar-Asset system.

    A system was implemented recently that required everything within a building to be uniquely identified, even down to the doors and hand towels in the washrooms. Full audits of all assets were performed at regular intervals by scanning the barcodes and RFID tags attached to them. Missing items were quickly identified and could be traced immediately back to where they had been installed or to whom they had been issued and entrusted. Losses of assets and damage to them were reduced to virtually zero as it became immediately clear, who last had it, where it was last, what was missing and what time frame did it go missing in? Who, What , Where and When.

    Our inhouse team can bespoke any of our standard software offerings to match your exact needs. All our products use a standard tracking core. On top of that comes the application specifics, with a further bespoke module if required.


    Real time tracking allows management of all equipment throughout your business.

    Schedule maintenace services. A Range of reports availalble to help manage your assets.

    Barcode or RFID tracking of equipment to reduce human error.

    Increased control and accountability of equipment.



    Zebra GK420t

    Hand Held Device

    Intermec CK3




    SQL Server Express

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