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Sontay as an organisation are renowned for providing the HVAC,(Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry with high quality and reliable devices for measurement and control of environmental conditions within‘intelligent buildings

Equipment supplied by Sontay is used to monitor and control temperature, pressure,water flow and air quality so any potential issue with a sub standard item can be easily identified and sorted out before any major issues occur.

The existing system provided all the necessary manufacturing, supplier and sales functionality but fell short in terms of track and trace capabilities. A combined project was set up and in conjunction with Sontay personnel we specified and developed a solution for the tracking and control of all components, batches and orders.

The solution was based on wireless hand held mobile data capture devices to collect the data, and 2D bar coded labels on the physical orders and items to identify each individual one and where it was used. Orders and items are now fully traced and managed both individually by batch, and importantly by customer !

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