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Mobile Computer (Barcode) Hardware

There are many Mobile Data Capture Devices available, from a large number of leading manufacturers. They can be simple PDA type devices designed for use in clean environments through to fully ruggedized mobile computers designed for use in potentially explosive environments through to units operating in sub-zero temperatures where they require onboard display heaters to function. There is a device for the demands of every industry and usage specification, we have sourced and supplied devices for many industries each with their own clearly defined requirements and operating parameters.

Unitech HT7300

The Unitech HT730 is an ergonomic one-hand operation handheld terminal with keypad and powerful data collection solutions. Offering Android 10 OS with GMS certification, the HT730 is equipped with Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) CPU to deliver users excellent performance for smarter, more intuitive interactions which is suitable to improve your work efficiency in a wide range of applications in warehousing, logistics, and field service.

Zebra MC33xx

With the MC3300x, you get more of everything you need to tackle the ever-increasing requirements of today’s on-demand, e-commerce driven economy and improve the return on your investment — more power, a more rugged design and more features to boost productivity. You get the same proven fit-for-purpose ergonomic design in a more rugged device, now with Zebra’s latest, most powerful and secure Android architecture. Workers can capture barcodes on the top of your warehouse racks easily with the extended range imager option. Workers can now capture barcodes at standard ranges faster and easier with a new standard range imager option. A 35% larger capacity battery powers up to three shifts on a single charge. Drop, tumble and sealing specifications are all increased, taking reliability to the next level. And with the bright touch display, multiple keypad options and four form factor options, you can give your workers a device that will make on-the-job data capture easier than ever. Improve workforce productivity and efficiency from the manufacturing shop floor to the warehouse in your facility with the MC3300x

M3 UL20

The M3 Mobile UL20 series is a range of ultra-rugged mobile computers ideal for warehousing, production and retail environments. The device can be operated anywhere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G LTE connectivity options. With the 1D/2D barcode reader, the UL20 has options for both near and long distance scanning. The M3 Mobile UL20 is equipped with a 5 inch full HD display that may be flawlessly operated wet and in the sunshine with a stylus. If you prefer, operate the mobile computer via the large keypad. The UL20 is also very robust: it features IP67 certification and is drop-resistant from 2 metres.

Zebra MC9300

Handle all of your applications with the ultimate in processing power and memory. New data capture capabilities include optional front and back cameras, extraordinary scan ranges and superior direct part mark (DPM) capture. The new battery runs twice as long as the MC9200 on a single charge. It’s the most rugged MC9000 Series ever created, ready to outlast virtually every device in its class in any environment — including the freezer.

M3 Black

The M3 Mobile BLACK PDA is a 1 GHz CPU, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, with IP67 rating, and a 2.0 m drop test rating, making it a reliable mobile computer even in harsh industrial environments. The M3 Black PDA features a lower angle (23º) ergonomic scanner that allows more comfortable usage in the field, reducing worker's wrist fatigue even when working for a long time. It delivers efficiencies by enabling barcode reading at the same time as LCD checking, when scanning barcodes at high and low levels.

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